Sunday, January 22, 2006

Have respect for your own species. Animal testing is ok!

I had to post this because the idea of animal rights is an assault on human being's real rights, values and morals. We need to stop this human-hatred. I think it expresses
low self-esteem. To value animals on the same level as a human is lack
of value for being a human. Animals live by the law of the jungle.
Which is to kill or be killed. However, some humans believe that we
should treat them like humans. Obviously holding humans to a double
standard. Your not going to find a hungry mountain lion saying, " dude
you have rights so I am not going to eat you." Here is one test I like
to ask," If your child had a disease that the cure would be found by
experimenting on an animal, would you save your child or the animal."
If you said the animal instead of your own child, then you probably do
not deserve to be human. You might as well walk to your nearest jungle
and live with out the advancements of REASON and hope that a
brother animal does not eat you.

Side Note: It was brought to my attention that my original post may have not been as clear as intended. Onemain point that was br ought up was my thoughts on torture of animals for no reason and whether I was looking at compassion as part of the equation. There is a common saying that the difference between humans and animals is that we have compassion. So let me add some clarification to those points. I also agree that animals should not be tortured for no reason. If the experimentation is to further human knowledge and by furthering knowledge it in turn saves human lives and increases human longevity then it is a moral act. Furthermore, My post had two main themes. The first one is that the essential difference between humans and animals is the abilty to reason. In other words, our conceptual faculty. A human's basic means of survival is reason. It allows him to discover what is posinous or nonposinous, how to extend his life through production, and ect. If reason is our basic means to survival, it is right for us to quest for knowledge, including animal testing ( Not animal torture by sadistic people). The second theme is actually in regards to compassion. My compassion is to Humans first and animals second. If medical testing saves human lives, extends their lives, or makes their lives more enjoyable, then it is a moral act and compassion for our fellow Human Beings leads us to continue animal testing.

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