Saturday, June 25, 2016

Individuals create and government tries to steal credit

Government does not create things; individual people do. For some politicians to say that without government; there would not be any financial backing for profitable research (ie. government created the iphone) is just wrong. I give you exhibits A,B, and C.   

  1. Kickstarter
  2. Venture Capitalists
  3. Other crowdsourcing companies

The list of financial avenues in the free market goes on and on. Harry Browne liked saying that government breaks your legs, hands you a crutch, and then tells you that you would not be able to walk if not for the government. Now government taking money from one person, backing the research of another person, and is now  telling us that we would not have any research funding if it was not for government. In a free market, the money taken from the taxpayer would have received a return on their investment; whether that be personal satisfaction or monetary gain (stocks, dividends, etc).  #individualscreategovernmentstealscredit

Radical Capitalist Episode 50: Did the Government Create the iPhone? Brexit?

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